Ms.Pacman Twin. (Susilu, 1992/1993)

The Story (part I): Back then, when we're dealing with the Tehkan World Cup stuff, a big local fan pointed me to this rare Ms.Pacman machine that allow 2 players simultaneously. It was located far from home, so... One day I made a big trip to meet this rare arcade. Once arrived, the owner told me that this machine was sold to another country. Too bad...

The Story (part II): Some years later, I went in vacation to another country's beach. Walking through the boardwalk, I noticed a local arcade. Once there, I spent some time seeing the machines, and... Oh surprise! The damned machine WAS THERE!
I made everything to contact the new owner without luck. One year later, I tried again and finally got his phone number. He borrowed me the board for a couple of days. Unfortunatelly, I didn't carry my camera so no pictures from the board. :(

The PCB is a PacMan bootleg hardware, with a mini daughterboard (normal in mspacman boards) plugged in. Here the specs:

Conversion kit for pacman hardware.

Mini daughterboard 3"x 5.5" aprox.

In the upper-left corner is vertically printed "SUSILU" and "NMPT008", and across: "MOD REG 294535" and "INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA".

Viewing from the top you can find:

U5 U3 U1 U2 U4

U5: 74LS245N (20 pins), with a decoupling cap soldered from leg 10 to leg 20.

U3: Unknown 40 pins IC, scratched to avoid recognition. Seems to be a kind of protection device.

U1: 40 pins male connector, to plug the kit into Z80's mainboard place.

U2: NEC D780C (40 pins), Z80.

U4: TOSHIBA TMM24512AP-20 (28 pins), 512 Kbit OTPROM.

The main pacman pcb has only two 2716/2516 eproms (dumped). I dunno if necessary, but the rest 6 x 2732/2532 eproms were removed. The owner didn't allow me to dump the U4 (eeprom) because it was soldered. Hopefully some day...

Here are some pics from the working machine. click over each one to see the full size pic.

Title gameplay1 gameplay2 gameplay3

Also I took some movies from the attract. Here are the links:

MS PACMAN TWIN (attract) - 240x320 Mpeg, 4.48 MB
MS PACMAN TWIN (attract) - 240x320 DivX, 1.20 MB
MS PACMAN TWIN (attract) - 480x640 DivX, 2.40 MB